YASEN Intelligent UPS Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Energy Storage System

A revolution to promote the UPS of lithium iron phosphate batteries instead of lead-acid batteries

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The drive of big data center technology and market demand brings about changes in power demand, cooling technology, computer room space and so on. As an example of power demand, the former data center storage technology is mainly lead-acid batteries, and now lithium batteries have gradually replaced lead-acid batteries; in the future, UPS lithium electric energy storage system will become a new growth point. YASEN intelligent UPS lithium energy storage system coordinates well with solar photovoltaic power generation and grid-connected, greatly reduce the cost of electricity consumption and save electricity charges to bring considerable economic benefits

I. The characteristics of small volume of LFP lithium battery greatly reduce the occupation area. The data center occupies a large area, in these first-tier cities, lead-acid batteries occupy too much area will affect economic efficiency, from the overall investment, the data center needs to greatly reduce the area, which is also the initial heart of the development of Yasen LFPlithium battery industry.

II. LFP lithium battery has longer life cycle. Battery has the ability to charge and discharge many times, generally the use efficiency of lead-acid battery is 80%, the cycle of charge and discharge are about 200~300 times, the lead-acid battery will be replaced once in 1-3 years; while the use efficiency of LFP lithium battery is 100%, the cycle of charge and discharge times is 3000~3500 times, LFP battery will be replaced only once in 8-10 years; this characteristic of LFP lithium battery will produce great economic benefits. What’s more, because of the lower frequency of replacement, the cost of LFP lithium battery is much better than that of the lead-acid battery. The price of LFP lithium battery will continue to decline in the future, while the cost of lead-acid battery is rising. Therefore, YASEN UPS LFP lithium battery energy storage system is the best option to benefit from return on investment

III. Cooperative power supply mode. At the peak of the load, the difference of peak & valley electricity price is used to maximize the benefit; If solar photovoltaic power is combined UPS lithium battery system can realize the day-free electricity + power storage at night at low price, thus saving electricity and increasing the income. As a result, Yasen UPS lithium electricity is not only a convenient and stable power supply mode, but also a profitable tool that can generate income and increase value.

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The era of large-scale application of lithium batteries has come, because of the diversity of lithium batteries, there will be many challenges in the process of use, especially the data center has a lot of demands on the reliability of lithium batteries, such as whether the use of lithium batteries is safe? Based on YASEN intelligent UPS LFP lithium battery energy storage systems, the following concerned safety performance of these products can be achieved


First, Yangsheng chooses the most reliable lithium iron phosphate core as the lithium battery material, and there is no explosion and combustion factors, whether in the communication base station or in the data center, it is more stable than other materials.

Second, the intelligent methods are also applied to the UPS lithium battery energy storage systems. YASEN intelligent UPS LFP lithium battery energy storage system has its own developed battery management system, each lithium electric module has an intelligent management module, which manages the balance of current and voltage of lithium battery, and automatically adjusts them to the most stable working state.

Third, by the ways of the AI and big data , we carries on the appraisal and the forecast for the health change and some state of the lithium battery life cycle , to guarantee the work safety; this also is the next focuses on the effort direction of the YASEN UPS LFP lithium battery energy storage system.

At the same time, with the promulgation of a series of new infrastructure policies, it means that the 5G, data center era will be fully welcomed, resulting in a surge in marginal computing demand. while the edge computing development will present the characteristics of small scale, large volume, decentralization and so on, which requires the data center at the edge dispersion to maintain simple and safe and reliable, in which the continuity and safety reliability of the key power supply are the most important. A series of products of YASEN intelligent UPS lithium battery energy storage system will become the market demand, big data center, various edge scattered data center provides the most convenient, safe and reliable service provider. welcome

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